Childfree versus childless

What is childfree? Childfree versus childless

People who want to have children, but haven’t had them yet or can’t have them are childless. People who choose to live life without having their own children are childfree. The difference lies in whether it’s a deliberate choice of not.

Your childfree or childless stance can change during your lifetime. It’s not uncommon for people to believe that they will have children in the future, only to discover that they actually don’t want them. The reverse can also be true. But there are many people who have been childfree for as long as they can remember. They have never expressed a desire to be pregnant, have and raise a child.

Childlessness is often discovered later in life when actively trying to find a partner to have a child with or to try to get pregnant.

Am I childfree?

If you’re undecided whether you’re childfree or childless, SterilizationAunty advises you to think about this before you seek sterilization surgery. If you change your mind after getting sterilized, you’ll need female sterilization reversal surgery. Female sterilization (reversal) surgeries are invasive procedures that cost money, take time to recover from, and can potentially harm your health. We’d like to keep your need for a doctor to a minimum.

How do I discuss childfreedom with my partner(s)?

If you’re about to start a new relationship, it’s good to be completely honest with your new partner from the start. Tell them your views on children and parenthood. If you’ve decided to stay childfree, they need to know. Also ask where they stand, and if having children is a must-do in their lifetime. If it is a must, you know it’s time to let them find a partner with a similar philosophy of life. Trying to convince someone of your point of view over such a big life choice will only breed resentment between partners.

One recurring problem for many women in heterosexual relationships is that the man doesn’t take the woman seriously when she says she won’t have children. This problem is rooted in various ideas about women as a whole, not you as an individual. If you’re in a position to trust your partner, tell them about your journey to seek sterilization surgery. This might help show him that you’re serious about never having children. If he says you’re “taking fatherhood away” from him, that’s a warning sign. Make sure you’re always in control over your contraception.

Breaking up isn’t a fun thing to do, but it’s the most honest thing you can do for yourself and your incompatible partner.

But don’t feel discouraged; there are many people out there that want to stay childfree, even if they might not have the vocabulary for it yet.