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Bilateral Tubal Ligation Methods

If you’re not sure that bilateral tubal ligation is the right surgery for you, please read the female sterilization procedures overview page. On this page, we discuss the bilateral tubal ligation in the context of pre-surgery, during surgery, post-surgery, and recovery. Follow the linked pages to find out more detailed information. Overview Bilateral tubal ligation …

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Types of surgical incisions

Here is a list of common surgical incisions in the abdomen for female sterilization surgery or other surgeries. Please note that some of these incisions are not for simple sterilization procedures where just the fallopian tubes are removed or cut. Some of these are in combination with a cesarean section or for the purpose of …

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Sterilization regrets

If there’s even a trace of doubt about wanting a child in the future, sterilization is not for you. There are alternate methods of long-term contraception that are completely reversible. Think about sterilization as irreversible, just to be on the safe side. The statistics on sterilization regrets Female sterilization procedures are quite common all over …

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